The best suit Information Technology solutions.

We maintain our accountability on what we deliver. Our working ethic is to consistently provide the best results for the high quality products and services we deliver to our business clients. We allocate appropriate efforts for new technologies research by our internal engineering team to be a better and more efficient deliverables.

We wish to go forward and develop together with our partners not only at this present time but we expect to be successful with your company in the years to come. We believe technology should be affordable to all companies and smart technology can greatly assist people in completing the business tasks.


Here are some of our latest and finest portfolio

Contactless Payment at Cinema XXI

Provided Cinema XXI end to end e-commerce solution for their newest services of contactless payment called “Movie Card”.

Employee Management System at KEMENKUMHAM

We accomplished to up grade their old employee management system and manage to add some important new features to follow the new regulation of national employee.

BSM Mobile Banking Apps

We delivered Multi Platform mobile banking apps (iOS, BB10, and Android) for PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri. In this case we’re not only develop for the back end and the front end apps but we also assist PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri to have a better understanding of the concept of mobile apps services.

Total Solution For Rio Haryanto Fund Rising

We provided Technology Consultancy, SMS system and integration between cellular operator’s backend system and our SMS Engine. And also the web information for people to see the news up-date from Rio Haryanto.

Tunning Application of Payment and Registration BPJS

We resolved all the problem at the process of registration and payment system.



We learn about your company behaviour before we’re start to selecting of the proper and accurate solutions can greatly assist users in solving the problems faced. We choose the most suitable type of technology to provide the optimum benefits to the users.


The use of appropriate technology in everyday business should be able to save on the company operating costs. Our task is to define the most appropriate technology for the company’s needs so that the goal can be achieved with high efficiency.


Whatever type of technology we choose for the customers, the solutions should be familiar and easily used by the users. For that we have to ensure the friendliness of all our products and application become our top priority.

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

– Steve Jobs

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